About Us

Who we are

We will always give each athlete the appropriate level of skill-based attention with clear leadership and kindness, regardless of skill level. 

We love the game, but most of all we love mentoring young athletes. Our ultimate goal is to create a loving environment in which we train confident players to be humbled in victory and grateful in defeat on and off the court. We are honored and very privileged to play such an important role in the lives of our youth athletes.  

 At the Dallas Hoopers, we promote a high-performance training system designed to enable young athletes to improve their performance, train, develop and demonstrate their basketball skills at the highest level. We'll help you reach your full potential and prepare you for the next level of your game.

At the Dallas Hoopers, kids have the opportunity to maximize their talent, advance in basketball, and develop leadership skills to succeed on and off the court.

About coach eric

Coach Eric is the founder of the Dallas Hoopers youth basketball program. He has many years of experience in training youth basketball and has coached kids of all ages. He previously played basketball at Haltom High School and has been continuously involved and active in the DFW basketball area for over 30 years. In 2023, he founded Dallas Hoopers to provide a quality foundation and skill development program for young DFW basketball players.

Coach Eric uses basketball as a tool to work with student athletes and help them stay on a positive path not just in basketball but also in life. Teach the importance of honesty, the value of hard work, and respect for others. He strives to work with his players to reach their maximum potential.